Country risk reports


Our latest update brings you access to thousands of country risk reports from a wealth of reputable sources selected on the basis of their quality and country risk relevance. You can access more than 20 000 reports from the new "Reports" page or access country specific reports through the country dashboard pages.

Introducing’s ESG Sovereign Risk Model


We’re excited to launch the ESG Sovereign Risk Model, a separate platform that explicitly accounts for environmental and social factors. We find that incorporating such risk factors alongside more traditional ones offers a more nuanced and comprehensive view of a country. And, unlike other ESG models, ours offers free access to a sophisticated rating platform and empowers the crowd to generate consensus ESG sovereign ratings.


Updated datasets based on the latest World Bank and IMF data for 160 countries. Forecasts for many key economic and financial indicators from the IMF World Economic Outlook through 2023 are included.


Timeseries for economic indicators now extend through 2025.

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